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A Jazz Guitar resource site. It contains all the things you expect on a "resource site"

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There is an absolute pile of free lessons:

Guitar Scales
Guitar Modes
Part 1: Guitar Modes
Part 2: Guitar Scale Charts
Bebop Scale
Lydian dominant scale
The pentatonic scale
The altered scale
Melodic minor modes
Minor blues scales
Exotic guitar scales
Dissononace, Resolution & Note Enclosure
The suspended sound Guitar Scales

Guitar Arpeggios & Jazz Patterns
Part 1: Using Arpeggios To Play Over Chord Changes
Part 2: Guitar Arpeggio Diagrams
The Never Ending Jazz Lick
Voice leading

Jazz guitar patterns
Jazz guitar lesson 1 Triads Over Minor Chords

Jazz Styles
Latin guitar Latin Guitar
Blues guitar
Rhythm Changes

Guitar Technique
Guitar Technique & Warm Up Exercises

Guitar Finger Exercises
Bach classical guitar

Jazz guitar timing exercises

How To Improvise Over...

Major Chords Major Chords
14 ways to play over major chords.

Minor Chords Minor Chords
13 ways to play over minor chords.

Half diminished chords Half Diminished Chords
13 ways to play over half diminished chords (m7b5).

Jazz Guitar Chords

Playing Jazz Standards

Music Theory Lessons
Jazz guitar chords theory
Part 1: Basic Guitar Chord Theory
Part 2: Constructing Jazz Guitar Chords
Part 3: Chord Extensions
Part 4: Chord Construction System 2
Part 5: How to Play Guitar Chords

Upper structure triads

Beginner Guitar & Theory Lessons

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