The Jazz Theory Book


This book is often referred to as "the bible of Jazz".

It contains an in-depth study of the scales and theory behind jazz. It briefly describes the basics of music theory - chord construction etc, but assumes that the reader is pretty familiar with this.

The guts of the book revolve around looking at the various scales and chord progressions used in Jazz, and explaining these with continual reference to real jazz pieces.

The contents

Part One – Theory of Chords and Scales

Basic Theory, Major Scale and the II-V-I Progression; Chord/Scale Theory (Major, Melodic Minor, Diminished and Whole-Tone Scale Harmony); How to Practice Scales; Slash Chords

Part Two – Improvisation – Playing the Changes

From Scales to Music; The Bebop Scales; Playing ‘Outside’; Pentatonic Scales; The Blues; Rhythm Changes; Practice, Practice, Practice

Part Three – Reharmonization

Basic Reharmonization; Advanced Reharmonization; Coltrane Changes; Three Reharmonizations (Spring is Here x 2, Body and Soul)

Part Four – The Tunes

Song Form and Composition; Reading a Lead Sheet; Memorizing a Tune; Heads; Repertoire

Part Five – The Rest of It

Salsa and Latin Jazz; Loose Ends

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