A website that purports to have lessons for guitar and later drums and bass that have a video of the instructor giving the lesson, then a player to watch them do the exercise, then another player to play along with the exercise.

It aims to be to be kid friendly by utilizing flash animations and cartoons.

There is one free lesson, and a free exercise.

The contents (at the time of this entry) are:

II The guitar
2-2 The parts of a guitar
2-3 Holding a guitar and pick
2-4 Playing a note and chord
2-5 Standard Notation
2-6 Notes and Rests
2-7 Time Signatures
2-8 Tablature
2-9 Stringing the Guitar
2-10 Tuning
III First Position notes/chords
3-1 E String Lesson
3-2 B String Lesson
3-3 G String Lesson
3-4 D String Lesson
3-5 A String Lesson
3-6 E String Lesson
IV Basic Chords
4-1 C Major
4-1-1 C F G7 chords
4-2 G Major
4-2-1 G C D7 chords
4-3 A Minor
4-3-1 Am Dm E7 chords
4-4 F Major
4-4-1 F Bb c7
4-5 E Minor
4-5-1 Em Am B7
4-6 Power Chords
4-6-1 Intro
V Basic Scales
5-1 Major Scale
5-1-1 C Major Scale
5-1-3 G Major Scale
5-1-5 F Major Scale
5-2 Pentatonic Scale
5-2-1 Pentatonic Scale
5-3 Blues Scale
5-3-1 Blues Scale
5-4 Movable Major Scale
5-4-1 Movable Major Scale
VI Solo Techniques
6-1 Bends
6-1-1 Half Bends
6-1-4 Full Bends
6-2 Hammer ons
6-2-1 Hammer Ons
6-3 Pull Offs
6-3-1 Pull Offs
6-4 Triplets
6-4-1 Triplets
6-5 Harmonics
6-5-1 Natural Harmonics
VII Daily Exercises
7-1 Alternate Picking
7-2 Speed
7-3 Strength
7-4 Endurance
VIII Open Chords
8-1 G C D7 Em
IX Strumming

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