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Robert from's Youtube channel... guitar lessons galore.

Just some of the lessons available are:

Blues Lick Over the IV Chord Lesson
Blues Guitar Rhythm Lesson
Rockabilly Lick Guitar Lesson "Rock The Billy"
Blues Solo Lesson "Get Close" Promo
Fast Rock Guitar Lick lesson
Line It Up - Blues Solo Lesson Promo
Hagstrom Swede Demo
Blues guitar solo in Ab
Blues guitar jam in C
Changing guitar strings on an electric guitar
3 Note Solo Lesson
Rock Guitar Solo Lesson
Blues scale guitar lick
Blues Turnaround Lick #4
Blues Guitar Lick Lesson in E - Squeeze It
Blues Turnaround Lick 3 Guitar Lesson
Blues Turnaround Lick 2 - free guitar lesson
Blues Guitar Turnarounds Lick 1 - free guitar lesson
Chicken Picking Guitar Lick
Jazz blues guitar lick lesson
SRV Style Guitar Lick
Texas Blues Shuffle Lesson
Right hand picking positions
Swinging Blues Guitar Lick Lesson
Blues lick BB King style
Chicken Grease Funk Guitar Lesson
Blues lick in E
Fusion lick over E7
The Blues Scale Guitar Lesson
Blues Lick in the style of Albert King
Acoustic guitar lesson - finger picking pattern
E minor Pentatonic scale
Funk guitar lesson - Em7add13 chord groove
Guitar lesson - play funk
Guitar lesson : jazz guitar lick in Bb7
Guitar lesson - diminished scale lick
Hendrix style licks
Guitar lesson - country picking lick
Blues Shuffle Guitar Lesson
Freddy King guitar lesson
[Jazz lick in B7] 4:03
Lesson on Funk Guitar
Guitar Lesson - Dominant 7 chords
Hybrid Picking Chicken Picking Guitar Lesson
Guitar lesson - Triads over G Major Scale
Jimi Hendrix Bends
Guitar Vibrato Lesson
How I hold the guitar pick
Guitar Sweep Picking - over 6 strings
Cold Shot - Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Lesson
Blues chromatic lick jazzy sound
Jazz Guitar - Chromatic Lick Lesson
Scuttle Buttin Guitar Lesson
How to play Sweet Home Alabama guitar intro
Love Struck Baby Intro
Diminished Guitar Lick
Dorian Scale Guitar Lesson

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