A YouTube channel absolutely chock full of tons of videos about acoustic fingerpicking blues.

Here's a list of some of the stuff:

A - D7 - E7 progression based on "How Long Blues" part 1
A blues Riff In G
Adding Soul to fills - part 1
Another picking technique in dropped D 1
Archive; Frustration when you practice
Archive; Madeline
Back to Basics on the Baby Taylor
Bass String Riff In E
Before You Accuse me
Beginner Non-Blues Finger Picking. Taster
Beginning Delta Blues Picking Taster
Beginning Slide Guitar
Beginning finger picking
Breakfast With deltabluestips
Checking out the Baby Taylor
Chord Riff To Use For 'My Girl' Song
Clapton Type Moves Using The E position
Dead Thumb and Finger Technique
Delta Blues Picking In Open G
Delta Slide Riff
Delta Strumming And Picking Technique
Delta Tip 23 ( Kind Hearted Woman Blues Intro )
Delta Tip 33 Learning To Boogie In E
E shuffle full turn/around
Exploring Fingerpicking for Beginners
Funk It Up
Getting that Hand Jive thing going on
Glass or Brass?
Handle Me With Care / beginner chord guide
Helplessly Hoping (how to play the intro)
Hey Hey A New Rough Guide
How To Play Alberta
How to play Willin' by Little Feat
I Aint' To Proud To Beg - with deltabluestips
Interlude 1. Tony And Blindboy Go To Town
Interlude 2. Town And Tunnel Ride
Interlude 3. Tony And Blindboy Do Lark Lane.
Interlude 4 Tabitha Moses Interview
Investigating 32-20 type sound
It Makes No Difference
Key To The Highway
Kris Kristofferson
Lay Lady Lay - beginner guitar lesson
Let It Be Me / how to embellish chords / part 1
Let It Be Me / part 2 / Embellishing the chords
Love by John Lennon / Almost Part 1
Love by John Lennon / part 1
Lunch with deltabluestips
Malted Milk Clapton
More Fills In D. part 2
More Mellow Sessions - Fills In D. part 1
Moving The Fills Out of D
Mystery (a bit of a laugh)
Nature and Paisley and 432Hz
New! 4+20 (Part 1)
New! 4+20 (Part 2)
News - Part 2 or what a difference a day makes
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
None-Blues Chord Grab
None-Blues Picking In C
Palm and Thumb Muting
Picking Practice speed
Please Be With Me
Preparing To PLay Steady Rolling Man
Putting Effect on a chord
R/H Technique In G. 2nd bit
R/H Technique in G
Rag Style Move Expanded.
Rag Style Move G - E7
Rag move 1 Expanded / part 1
Sky Blue Sky - by Wilco - Part 2 - A closer look at part 1
Sky Blue Sky by Wilco - for one guitar part 1
Sweet Home Alabama Riff Tip (Picked Style)
The "My Girl" Riff
The Art Of The Shuffle
The Art Of The Shuffle Continued.. The Lay Down Sally Shuffe
The Couch Sessions 1 - Noodling with "The Layla riff".
The Couch Sessions 2 - Noodling with Love In Vain - part 1
The Couch Sessions 3 - Noodling a slow blues for beginners 1
The Couch Sessions 3 - part 2 - Noodling a Slow Blues for beginners - the fills
The Couch Sessions 5 - part 2 - Noodling with the Money For Nothing riff
The Couch Sessions 6 - Noodling "Such a Night" by Dr John.
The Couch sessions 5 - part 1 - Noodling with the Money For Nothing riff
The Mellow Sessions. Part 1. Exploring Techniques In D/m.
Using A Guitar Pick
Using fills for a rag style move
While My Guitar Gently Weeps / Acoustic version
walking blues

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