A professional high quality backing track site.

This site has albums and individual backing tracks for sale.

In addition it has a page of free tracks, which are a useful resource in themselves, and a great indication of the quality of the tracks you might buy.

The site also has other miscellaneous useful stuff... some free lessons and articles.

The free backing tracks are:

Cafe del Maj (C Ionian)
Driving Through (F Lydian)
Mixo-Groove (Bb Mixolydian)
Metal 101
7 String Metal March
Classic Funk [Drum Track]
Metal Chugger [Drum Track]
Pushy Pop Punk [Drum Track]
5/4 Pop Rock [Drum Track]
3/4 Pop [Drum Track]

In the online store there are these categories:

Rock and Metal Jam Tracks
Jazz Jam Tracks
Chillout Jam Tracks
Pop and Pop-Rock Jam Tracks
Latin Pop Jam Tracks
Hip-Hop and R'n'B Jam Tracks
Funk, Soul and Disco
Fusion and Progressive Rock Jam Tracks

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