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Here's Marty Schwartz's website If you've been on youtube looking up lessons, you've seen Marty. I absolutely love this guy's attitude so therefore it makes me want to learn more from him. And it also makes me want to show his site to the rest of the guitar world. And what better place to post it than here!!!

It is a paid site if you want to take all of his lessons and he sells dvd sets too. But, he has a free e-book (which i thought was kinda cheesy, but could be helpful for some) if you sign his e-mail list. And with signing the e-mail list you get 10 free lessons to try and frequent emails that include cool inspirational quotes and other tid-bits. And since I dig his attitude, i enjoy reading his emails. Also, he has a no obligation 3 day trial.

So i say check it out, it's worth that at least!

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