A kind of jamming hangout....musicians from all over the world contribute their work to build up a track based on the original author's input. A drummer might be first, then a bass player adds a line. A keys player adds to that and a singer and saxophonist might round the whole thing off.

From a study point of view, the public tracks can be downloaded after a free registration. A key feature is the "kick this musician out" option, whereby members can choose which parts they want to download.... maybe you just want the drums and bass, or the bass and keys. The chords used are usually displayed along with the tempo.

So Wikiloops is a huge backing-tracks resource covering a wide range of musical styles, including classical.

Coming up to its first birthday, the site is well worth popping into to check out what's on offer. And if you can play, why not join in with the jam?

Read the FAQs to get an overall view of how the site works.

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