This is a site with a wide range of features:

guitar chord - a chord finder app
guitar scales - a scale finder app
scales to chords - app that maps scales to chords
chord progressions - app that lists chords for familiar progressions in any key
glossary - a glossary :)
songs - some chords for songs
arpeggio - app that shows arpeggios on the fretboard
guitar licks - a library of licks
misc - some misc stuff :)
chord name - app: give notes, get chord
reverse scales - app: give notes, get scale name
chords to scale - app: recommend scales for a chord
metronome - app: a metoronome :)
forums - some forums :)
tuner - app: a tuner
jam - app: a backing track app
lessons - lessons :)

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Type: Misc Useful Thing

submitted by: GreenAsJade