Guitar Solos


This site aims to help people wanting to improve their soloing.

It has a fantastic method - I haven't seen it before. There are solos created by the instructors, and a "player" in which you can play back the solo over the rhythym - and adjust the level of the solo and the rhythm so you can hear both or just one or the other.
Accompanied by the tab, this lets you first learn the short solo the instructor has prepared and recorded, but then also mess around with your own variations over the same backing.

It has 12 "lessons" available this way - 6 "Interactive solos" and 6 "interactive riffs".

It also has some video "solos" and "riffs", where it's a more classical video lesson.

I'm not sure if the site is still maintained - I wasn't able to log in - error pages were returned when I tried to do that.

There's also a trick to looking at the videos. I got no "play" button, and it took me a while to realise you have to right click to get the "play" menu.

Also "Interactive Solo #1" seems to only present "part 1", no matter what link you click on. The rest work OK though.

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