GM Arts: Electric Guitar


This is a site all about "how do guitars make their sound and how can you make your sound better".

It's part of a bigger site that has other music related material.

The guitar section has pages that cover:

Electric Guitar
> Interesting & FAQ
> Manufacturer Index
> My Favourites
> Schematics

Guitar Amplifiers
> How They're Used
> Guitar Amp Basics
> Guitar Amp History
> Valves vs Solid State
> Valve Emulations
> Power & Volume
> Overdrive & Distortion

Guitar Effects
> What They Do
> Effects Order & Tips
> The Digital Revolution
> Getting Your Own Sound

Guitar Pickups
> What's In a Pickup?
> Pickup Variety
> Tone & Timbre
> Different Positions
> Combining Pickups
> What I Use
> Pickup Summary

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