This is the typical "guitar enthusiast shares lessons with you for free" site.

The author has been adding a few lessons per month for at least three years - the list as of this entry is appended.

As you can see, they aren't in any particular order, just lots of individual lessons...

* Swing Blues Lick in A
* BB King blues lick
* Slower blues lick
* Learn a Fusion guitar lick
* Learn a blues scale lick
* How to play Pull-offs
* Albert King Blues Bending Lick
* Finger picking acoustic guitar
* Chicken Grease Funk
* Funk guitar E minor groove
* Learn funk guitar
* Jazz Blues Guitar Lick in Bb7
* Diminished Scale Guitar Lick
* Hendrix Red House licks
* Fast Country Picking Lick
* How to play barre chords
* Fusion Blues Lick
* Blues Guitar Shuffle
* Big Legged Woman - Freddy King
* Gary Moore Blues Lick
* add9 chords lesson
* How to play guitar octaves
* Jazz / Blues Lick over B7
* Beginning Funk Guitar Lesson
* Inversions of Dominant 7 chords
* Danny Gatton Chicken Picking Lick
* Learn how to use triads for improvising
* Rockabilly Blues Guitar Lick
* Raking Shuffle Blues
* Jimi Hendrix Bending Lick
* How to string a guitar
* Guitar Vibrato Technique
* How to hold the guitar pick
* E major Guitar Sweep arpeggio
* Sweep picking guitar lick over 6 strings
* Chromatic Blues Guitar Lick
* Charlie Parker Chromatic Lick
* Boogie/Rock'n Roll rhythm style
* Scuttle Buttin SRV
* Hybrid picking technique
* Whole-tone scale over dominant chords
* Major 7 arpeggios over dominant chords
* Major Triads - Mixolydian mode
* Back in Black - AC/DC
* Mixolydian scale mode
* Sweet Home Alabama
* Sweep picking examples
* Rhythm - funky guitar chords a la Keith Richards
* Rock Blues Boogie rhythm guitar
* Boogie Woogie rhythm guitar
* Diminished Jazz Guitar Lick
* Pentatonic scale lick in E
* String Skipping minor scale example
* Johnny B. Goode
* Pride and Joy - SRV
* Love Struck Baby - SRV
* Chromatic country guitar moves
* Movable Chords
* Dorian Scale on guitar
* Guitar Country Bending Lick
* E minor pentatonic
* 12 Bar Acoustic Blues
* Pentatonic licks in blues
* A fast Pentatonic sweeping guitar lick
* Mary Had A Little Lamb SRV
* The Blues Scale
* Blues guitar turnarounds
* Bluesy jazz guitar chords
* Country Guitar Bends
* Chicken Picking
* Cold Shot (SRV)
* Superstitious
* E minor pentatonic guitar licks
* Brown Eyed Girl

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