Jamorama Free Lessons


jamorama.com, as well as being pages and pages of testimonials and hype, offers access to a series of free lessons.

When you sign up, you can choose whether to be targetted with lessons for complete beginners or reasonably competent guitarist. This is actually ignored: you get the beginners lessons anyhow.

The contents are:

Part 1 -- Introduction to the Guitar and How to Play Chords

Part 2 -- Reading Guitar Tablature

Part 3 -- The Art of Chord Movement

Part 4 -- Developing your Strumming Hand. It's really coming
together now!

Part 5 -- Playing 'Midnight Special'.

Part 6 -- Play along with the Full Jamorama Band!


If you sign up, you get emailed a link to one of these every 4 days, along with words of encouragement etc. Those are the links that are shown above.

So you can take the lessons from here, but you don't get the words of encouragement ;)

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