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How the Lydian Dominant Scale Can Save Your SoloFullFullFullFullFullZeroZerotooneZeroZerotoone read reviews (1)
Vibrato & String Bending Guitar LessonFullFullFullFullFullZeroZerotooneZerotooneZero read reviews (1)
Slide Guitar Primer - Open D TuningFullFullFullFullFullZerotooneOneZerotooneOne read reviews (1)
RH-010 - Hendrix Style Rhythm Guitar 1FullFullFullFullFullZeroJustoneZeroZero read reviews (1)
Sweet Child O Mine Learning from the Riff FullFullFullFullFullZeroZerotooneZeroZeroZero read reviews (1)
Looking at your modes from a different angle.FullFullFullFullFullZeroZerotooneZeroZerotoone read reviews (1)
Hendrix Style MelodIc Rhythm Guitar 1 FullFullFullFullFullZeroZerotooneZerotooneZero read reviews (1)
Acoustic Fingerpicking for Beginners 1: Lesson 1A: Getting Started: Learn the Four-Step PatternFullFullFullFullFullOnetozeroZeroZeroZeroZero read reviews (1)
Bending Strings In Time and In TuneFullFullFullFullFullOneOneOnetozeroOneOne read reviews (1)
Intro to FingerpickingFullFullFullFullFullZerotooneZerotooneZeroZero read reviews (1)
Over The Rainbow Guitar lesson FullFullFullFullFullZeroZeroZerotooneZerotoone read reviews (2)
Fretboard "Sweet Spots" for Blues Guitar #2FullFullFullFullFullZeroZerotooneZerotooneZero read reviews (1)
Like MikeFullFullFullFullFullZeroZerotooneZerotooneZero read reviews (1)
SRV Texas Flood Lick Lesson Video LessonFullFullFullFullFullZeroJustoneZeroZero read reviews (1)
Alternate Picking Etude Primer Lesson FullFullFullFullFullZerotooneOneZerotooneOne read reviews (1)
Sweep Picking Primer LessonFullFullFullFullFullZeroZerotooneZeroZerotoone read reviews (1)
Sweep Arpeggio Lesson #2 - Major and Minor TriadsFullFullFullFullFullZeroZerotooneZerotooneZero read reviews (1)
Sweep Picking EtudeFullFullFullFullFullZeroZerotooneZeroZerotoone read reviews (1)
Sweep Picking Etude FullFullFullFullFullZeroZerotooneZerotooneZero read reviews (1)
Mattias Jabs on BendingFullFullFullFullFullZeroZerotooneZeroZeroZero read reviews (1)
Blues - advanced improvisation conceptsFullFullFullFullFullZeroZerotooneZerotooneZero read reviews (3)
Kiss Me Guitar Lesson FullFullFullFullFullZeroJustoneZeroZero read reviews (1)
Santana teaches Black Magic WomanFullFullFullFullFullZeroJustoneZeroZero read reviews (1)
How To Play Guitar In 20 Minutes (Part 1)FullFullFullFullFullZerotooneZerotooneZeroZero read reviews (2)
guitarscalepatters.comFullFullFullFullFullOnetozeroZeroZeroZeroZero read reviews (1)
Harmonic Minor Lesson(unrated)ZeroZeroZerotooneZeroZero
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