Reviews for John Petrucci - Rock Discipline

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WOW! Lots o' info here. I have it on tape, which makes it tough to rw/ff to your favorite spots, so get the DVD instead. Great warmup ideas, and approaches to playing. He presents the material really well and knows what he is talking about. I subtracted a star cause there's just sooo much on this tape it's tough to get through it all at once! Booklet included, but also pick up the book too!

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Submitted by pfizer - Rating: FullFullFullFullFull

Rock Discipline is very no-nonsense and there's not a lot of f*****g around; John Petrucci covers a lot of ground in this video and teaches a lot of exercises. The best thing about the video is how he emphasizes and demonstrates the use of the metronome, the shredder's best friend.

There's no onscreen tab though but Ultimate Guitar has the tabs posted in their archives. The only probable downside in this one is that it might get a little boring at times; like I said, there's no f*****g around. The exercises also, while very good, sound like...well, exercises. So yeah, they're not very musical.

Very little humor, but very, very effective. Lots of techniques like sweep picking, legato and tapping are taught in sections.

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