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I-Love-Guitar Lesson Vault is well organized and helpful site for the self-disciplined beginner.

Excellent tutorials from primary fundamentals (How to Tune a Guitar) to theory-based scale drills.

The site is probably more beneficial to the 'advanced beginner', i.e. to the person who is starting to know what he doesn't know. As I grew up playing wind instruments and not piano (and have played guitar more or less solo for the last decade), refreshers in theory are always welcome, and this site presents that well through its chord-builder features and endless printable scales.

Again, while some elements are oriented to the never-ever player, it will be better help to the player who can play all the open chords and figure out the barre variants up the neck, but needs to get a better command of theory in order to play in a band. In short, if you find yourself scratching your head and counting with your fingers when your bandmate says, 'Let's try that again, but in C#minor', then go here.

Use the $15 you save on a scale/progression book to get a decent capo.

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