Reviews for Learn and Master Guitar with Steve Kenz

Submitted by FlipFlopFly - Rating: FullFullFullFullFull

This DVD set is comprehensive. It starts with the very basic instructions needed for an absolute beginner through to teaching advanced techniques to really help someone become a proficient guitar player.
The complete lessons will take at least a year for the average person to get through. The course also provides online help so you can ask specific questions plus discussion board about different guitar topics. It is not as good in some respects as a top notch personal instructor as you may have to wait a day or so to get a question answered online but on the other hand, you can put in the DVD and get instruction any time of day or night. That is what I appreciate about the course since I am a very busy person. The instructor, Steve Krenz, is an excellent instructor (I've had a few good and bad ones).
A personal instructor costs about $15.00-25.00 per half hour, so at $119.00 for the 10 DVD set or $149.00 for the 20 DVD set (recommended) it's very competitively priced and offers cost savings over personal guitar lessons. A year's weekly guitar lessons would cost anywhere from $780.00 to $1300.00.

To sum up, if you have a busy schedule, you want to save money over personal instruction and are self-disciplined enough to motivate yourself to stick with this style of instruction, L & M may be for you. I rated this course at a 5 as being the best, meaning it is the best DVD course. Of course a DVD course may not be the best for you. Here is the link to the sight.

Submitted by jeremy_green - Rating: FullFullFullFullFull

Good series, thorough.

For a beginner this is a pretty comprehensive set. Not so much for advanced levels... but beginner to intermediate - solid product

Submitted by GreenAsJade - Rating: FullFullFullFullFull

I friend I've been helping bought themselves this - as a resource for a beginner learning guitar it seems really solid and thorough.

One thing it doesn't actually do is tackle the "master" part of guitar, but for learning it's as good as anything I've seen.