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Well....what can I say?

This website has to be seen and perused to be believed. It is enormous.

It is a musical labour of love by Joe Craig, from Alaska. Aimed mainly at the jazz guitarist, it is a "must visit" for anyone who wants to learn about music in relation to the guitar.

Hundreds and hundreds of examples, each with it's own midi file so you can hear what he's telling you about. Just click on any notation screen to listen.

Who is Joe?

A jazz guitarist, who seems to have more passion in the tip of one of his little fingers than I do in the whole of my body. Not only has he given the world this masterpiece of a website, but he gives everyone the right to use all or part of the content for non-commercial purposes.

It took me two days to download and file it, for safe keeping!

Do yourself a favour.......give up part of the rest of your life to take in what Joe wants you to know.