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That's it. It is a wonderful free website where you can learn all about music.

Here is the list of topics:

# Sound Reasoning: A New Way to Listen

# How Music Makes Sense

# Listening Gallery: How Music Makes Sense

# Musical Emphasis

# Listening Gallery: Musical Emphasis

# Musical Form

# Listening Gallery: Musical Form

# Expository and Developmental

# Listening Gallery: Expository and Developmental

# Overall Destiny

# Listening Gallery: Overall Destiny

# Time's Effect on the Material

# Listening Gallery: Time's Effect

# Summary: A Quick Guide for Listening

# Making Music Modern

# Listening Gallery: Making Music Modern

# Conclusion: What is Music Trying to Express?

Part II: Hearing Harmony

* Hearing Harmony: What is Harmony?

* Harmony in Western Music

* Expressing Harmony

* Listening Gallery: Expressing Harmony

* Harmonic Rhythm

* Listening Gallery: Harmonic Rhythm

* Cadences

* Listening Gallery: Cadences

* The Tonic

* Circular and Linear Progressions

* Listening Gallery: Circular and Linear Progressions

* The Major-minor Contrast

* Modes and Scales

* Hearing the Mode

* Listening Gallery: Hearing the Mode

* Tonic, Mode and Key

* Listening Gallery: Tonic, Mode and Key

* Music Within a Key

* Listening Gallery: Music Within a Key

* Postponed Closure

* Listening Gallery: Postponing Closure

* Chromaticism

* Listening Gallery: Chromaticism

* Dissonance

* Leaving the Key

* Harmonic Distance

* Modulation

* Harmonic Goals

* The Return to the Tonic

* Final Closure

* Listening Gallery: Final Closure

* Reharmonizing a Melody

* Listening Gallery: Reharmonizing a Melody

* Conclusion

Part III: The Language of Transformation

* Musical Identity

* Maintaining Identity

* Building on Identity

* Building on Identity through Fragmentary Repetition

* Listening Gallery: Building on Identity

* Speaking the Language of Transformation

* How Identity Shapes Form

If you want more......go to college and/or part with some of your money.

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This site is definitely worth a look, for pretty much everyone.

A beginner may experience it a bit like a the seagull from Jonathan Livingston Seagull "this doesn't sound like how to do a barrel roll". It is a little dry and theoretical for someone just starting out learning to play a chord.

It's also just a teeny bit self-righteously definitive for my liking. Sure, the analysis that they give of "how music ticks" makes a lot of sense, but then again it's not that hard to think of passages of music that _don't_ fit their analysis. I think that any "scientific" or "logical" explanation of music needs some degree of scepticism and room for other possibilities.

Nonetheless, an outstanding and captivating series of lessons.