Reviews for Stevie Snacks Blues Guitar Lessons

Submitted by polishpaul - Rating: FullFullFullFullFull

A good-looking site which strikes a fair balance between the commercial stuff and the free.

More than 60 well-presented, well-filmed free video lessons on a wide range of blues techniques are offered along with a stack of top-notch downloadable backing tracks put together by Stevie himself.

He also gives you 21 of his own songs to download, free.

He's a Texas player, an SRV fan and.....generous with his freebies.

I can't think of a reason why you wouldn't enjoy visiting his site......

Submitted by GreenAsJade - Rating: FullFullFullFullFull

I'm with PolishPaul on this one - this is a very good free lesson site! Nice wide range of topics, and very clear understandable and to-the-point lessons.