Reviews for A.C.E. Guitar Method (PDF)

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This book us well produced and solid material, covering what I would call "positional basics". If I summarise the ACE Guitar Method based on this book, it's "know your fretboard notes and shapes: here's how".

The author is clearly very keen on this method of helping you learn to be able to "see" the fretboard, on how important this is, and enthused by the difference that this method makes in speeding up that process. I reckon that's all fair. I liked this method, too, when I came across it: the best I'd found so far.

I think if you spent $20 on the book you wouldn't feel ripped off, unless you expected it to live up to the claim of "learn the guitar in hours not years". It certainly can help you to learn the _notes on_ the guitar more quickly (as the testamonials for this method on the video attest), but this is not the same as "learning the guitar".