Reviews for Guitar Solos

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This site isn't going to "change the world", but I though "wow - this is new, this is really cool" when I started poking around in it.

As I mentioned in the description of the site, I haven't seen anything like the "guitar lesson player" that they have. It seems like a nice obvious-yet-novel way to present lessons.

I'll definitely be playing around with these lessons - I think that if you're anything from "starting out with solos" to "can play solos, but still need to figure out how to improvise my own" you will benefit too.

I reckon I could have given this site 5 stars if it wasn't for two problems.

The first is the ads. This is yet another one of these sites where each little new piece of information they give you is doled out by clicking on a new link that takes you to yet another slow-to-load page full of ads - maximising the number of ads they get to show you. The only reason this site gets away with it is because on each page there is actually enough interesting to keep you there for a while - each part of the lesson is going to take more than a few minutes to work with.

The second problem is that it seems to be not maintained anymore. If you try to log in, it breaks, and the comments on the site are all a couple of years old.

Still - worth a look I reckon.