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This is an interesting variant on the video-lesson site: a fully commercial site.

You have to pay $1-2 for each lesson from here.

The site is packed with a huge range of lessons from a huge range of instructors. In trying out this site I decided I might learn more about arpeggios in solos, so I search for that and had a pageful of lessons to choose from. The lessson that I got was pretty good, though basic. On the upside it was proffessionally produced, and contained enough material to make me not feel ripped off. On the down side, there was _only just_ enough material It was a 10 minute lesson video, but it could have been boiled down to 4 minutes, I reckon.

Still - based on my experience with that one I might grab another.

I have a couple of beefs with the site, otherwise I'd have given it 5 stars.

First, paying $1-2 by Visa card is cumbersome. I don't want my visa card statement full of $1 entries, and I prefer not to leave my credit card details with a guitar lesson site. Paypal would have been much better.

Then - since I'm paying for these lessons, I don't really want ads as well. I don't mind looking at ads to "pay for" free stuff, but when I'm paying it's a bit rich. Thankfully the lesson itself didn't have any ads, but the site has enough that it loads quite slowly.

Still, if you want to go somewhere to find lessons that has a huge range and you have a high bandwidth connection, this place could be good for you.