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Guitar-tube is an interesing concept. Really, it amounts to a pile of videos, and related material, on a site where you can browse them - indeed just like a "you tube for guitar".

And some of the material is direct from you-tube.

What makes it "work" is that the selection of material that they have is genuinely interesting. It's actually fun to browse around in there and look at stuff - the fact that it's not all "lesssons" helps in this respect.

The one slight drawback is that if you're after something "specific", or if you want a "series" of lessons that takes you somewhere, things aren't arranged that way at guitar-tube. You _can_ search, but I found it a bit hit and miss.

Also the quality of the offerings varies dramatically. There are definitely top-notch lessons and videos to be found, but there's some rubbish as well.

Bottom line, though - I'll be going back there from time to time, and if you're a little bored with your guitar you could do worse than poke around in here for some inspiration...