Reviews for ShredX

Submitted by deanshred - Rating: FullFullFullFullFull

i love how their are video, tab and description of the exercise on the same page it makes it very easy to learn the exercises. Good exercises. easy site to use
jam tracks are nice and their is alot of useful things on the website and helpful information. 5 stars from me. only bad theing is the kinda small writing but its ok

Submitted by GreenAsJade - Rating: FullFullFullFullFull

This is a useful site, especially (as you would expect) for someone wanting to start out on their shredding chops.

It's a bit rough around the edges in terms of presentation, and the videos are "dry", so the "entertainment value" isn't as high as some sites. Also, there's not a massive depth of material here - perhaps to be expected for a young site.

Definitely worth a look though.