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I've only begun to scratch the surface of what's available here, and everything I've looked at has been first-class.

The material is extremely well organised/presented and the videos are top notch, even though they have a casual 'sitting in the bedroom' feel.

This is a benchmark free guitar lesson site!

Submitted by Stephen - Rating: FullFullFullFullFull

I've only had a quick look, but it is certainly comprehensive.

Hard to imagine the hours that went into this!!

Submitted by Ridiculous - Rating: FullFullFullFullFull

what a great looking site with great info and lessons. i've seen this guy on youtube before but never visited his site because i just assumed he'd be trying to sell something, but he's not, he just encourages donations to keep the site free for everyone. seems like a guy that just loves the guitar and loves teaching the guitar. i will deffinately be visiting his site OFTEN!! and thanks to this site for leading me to it!