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I really dislike this website because of it's deceptive hype.

For example:

It has a contents bar that offers pages like "read the first chapter" and "mini-lesson". On neither of these pages is there anything like what you are expecting. Just more hype.

It says "Listening to music without perfect pitch is like looking at a picture in black and white". While I'm sure perfect pitch is nice, music is not black and white, at the very least (if you must use this analogy) it might be greyscale.

It's also interesting that in the stories, the author supposedly figures out how to get perfect pitch "with a few ear opening instructions"... yet it's an 8 CD course. Huh? WTF is in 8 CDs?

At some point I may sign up for the set and try it out (based on their "you get your money back" claim). In the mean time, the lessons might be good, but the website sucks.